FY 2016 Annual Public Report for Conferences

Office of Program Support

2016 National Disability Rights Network Protection and Advocacy (P&A)/Client Assistance Program (CAP) Annual Conference

Dates: 6/12–16/2016
Venue, City, State or Country: Marriott Hotel, Baltimore, MD
How the Conference Advanced the Mission of the Agency: The Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD) is dedicated to ensuring that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families are able to fully participate in and contribute to all aspects of community life in the United States and its territories.

Total Estimated Cost: $180,459.64
Total Attendees: 435
Total Feds on Travel: 0
Total Non-Feds on Travel: 76

Administration on Aging/Office of American Indian, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiian Programs

Title VI Grantee National Conference

Dates: 8/8–11/2016
Venue, City, State or Country: Curtis Hotel, Denver, CO
How the Conference Advanced the Mission of the Agency: The Older Americans Act (OAA) requires the Director of OAIANNHP to “develop and provide technical assistance and training programs to grantees under Title VI.” The OAA also requires the Assistant Secretary for Aging to “consult and coordinate with recipients of grants under Title VI in the development of Federal goals, regulations, program instructions, and policies under this Act.” This conference fulfills both the training and tribal consultation requirements of the OAA. The consultation also provides Tribes with the opportunity to address the needs of the disabled population in Indian Country to the Administrator and Deputy Administrator for Community Living, thereby expanding the level of knowledge at ACL about the tribal disabled population.

Total Estimated Cost: $199,219.64
Total Attendees: 224
Total Feds on Travel: 12
Total Non-Feds on Travel: 25

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