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3. Understand the Funding Opportunity Announcement

All ACL Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) are organized into the following sections. This list provides a general description of the content typically found in each section, but is not exhaustive.

  • Section I: Funding Opportunity Description
    • This section includes a complete description of the program or project activities and area of interest for which applications are being sought; describes the funding opportunity; and provides the statutory authority and governing program regulations, if any, for the FOA.
  • Section II: Award Information
    • Includes information on the anticipated funding amount and number of awards, the length of the project periods and, for cooperative agreements, a description of ACL’s anticipated substantial involvement in the funded project.
  • Section III: Eligibility Information
    • Describes what entities are eligible to apply, any cost-sharing requirements, as well as responsiveness or screening criteria.
  • Section IV: Application and Submission Information
    • Outlines all application and submission requirements. This includes the requirements of the project description and budget; guidance on formatting; application submission instructions; required forms; assurances and certifications; funding restrictions and intergovernmental review requirements; and other submission requirements, such as letters of intent, if applicable.
  • Section V: Application Review Information
    • Includes the criteria objective reviewers will use to evaluate and score applications, information on the application review and award selection process, as well as anticipated announcement and award dates.
  • Section VI: Award Administration Information
    • Provides information on award notices, administrative and national policy requirements, and post-award reporting requirements.
  • Section VII: Agency Contacts
    • Provides a program office contact and a grants management contact.
  • Section VIII: Other Information
    • Includes additional information such as references to helpful websites and an application checklist.
  • Attachments

Your application will be scored and ranked by a panel of independent, objective reviewers with expertise in the relevant disciplines. At times, panels will include Federal staff. All criteria used by the review panels are published in the FOA.

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