Continuation Awards

The Administration for Community Living (ACL) continues to improve the procedures for grantees to receive continuation funding for their current project period as denoted on the Notice of Award (NoA). The procedures will generally not involve the submission of subsequent applications through ( Since ACL accepts, meritoriously reviews, and awards grants or cooperative agreements based on a multi-year application, future funding will be released based on, and always subject to, the availability of funds from a Congressional appropriation, ACL’s approval, and a recipient’s compliance with all terms and conditions. At a minimum, ACL and a recipient must ensure the following:

  • Submission of up-to-date program progress and financial (SF-425/PMS) reports;
  • Reporting of federal cash transactions in the Payment Management System are up-to-date; and
  • System for Award Management (SAM) annual registration and DUNS information are up-to-date.

If the above minimum conditions are met:

  • ACL Project Officer will review program progress reports to ensure overall outcomes and grantee performance are in compliance with the work plan and terms and conditions of the award;
  • If project is performing satisfactorily; grantee will receive a Notice of Award (NoA) from ACL’s Office of Grants Management certifying approval of continued funding;
  • If project performance does not meet ACL’s approval; restrictions will be placed on the award/funding until brought into compliance; and
  • Continuation funding is subject to revisions and contingent upon availability of funds, changes prior to the issuance of the award may occur.

Note: Always read your subsequent Notice of Award for any possible changes to the agreement.

Types of Continuation Applications:

  • Non-Competing Continuation Application — Request for funding during the second or subsequent budget periods of an approved competitive segment. Non-Competing Continuation applications do not undergo a competitive application process. ACL would provide further instructions as appropriate.
  • Competing Continuation Application — Request to renew and add one or more additional budget periods of funding for a project period that would otherwise expire. These applications must compete for support in the same manner as new applications. Further instructions for competing continuations will be provided by the ACL Project Officer for the particular program.

A Notice of Award will be sent to the grantee after the action has been reviewed, processed, and approved.

Last Modified: 9/19/2013