Request Grant Amendment

A grantee may request an amendment to a current Notice of Award, as identified by Federal Administrative Regulations (45 CFR Part 74 for Non-Profit Organizations and 45 CFR Part 92 for State and Local governments). Amendments may include: budget modifications, changes in key personnel, budget carryover requests from one program year to the next, no-cost extensions of time, or supplemental award funding. Amendments require prior approvals from ACL. All requests for amendments must be made through GrantSolutions. For more information about the process of requesting an amendment using GrantSolutions, please visit ACL GrantSolutions Grantee Resources.

The following informational sheets provide guidelines as to what type of information is required for the types of amendments listed below:

  • Budget Carryover Request (PDF, 63.2KB) to carryover budgeted funds from one budget year into the next budget year during the official project period of the grant program funded.
  • No-Cost Extensions (PDF, 77.8KB) of more time to fulfill budgeted obligations can be requested after the final year of the program/grant has been funded; all grantees have 90 days to expend obligated funds after the project period ends.

A revised Notice of Award will be sent to the grantee after any of the above actions have been reviewed, processed, and approved.

Last Modified: 2/18/2014