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Administration on Disabilities (AoD)

How to Submit Online Comments on the IL Rule

Independent Living Services and Centers for Independent Living Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

We want to hear from you. Submit a comment by January 15, 2016 to let us know what you think of the proposed rule and how it can be improved in ways that are consistent with statute. All comments will be reviewed and considered before a final rule is released and the regulations take effect.

  1. Review the rule on the Federal Register website.
  2. Click “Submit a Formal Comment.”
  3. Enter your comment. If you want to attach any files, click “Add a File.”
  4. Enter your contact information. Make sure you have completed all the required fields.
  5. Click “Preview Comment” if you wish to review your comment before submission.
  6. Click “Submit Comment” when you are ready to send your comment. You should receive a message confirming that we got your comment.

For additional support submitting a comment, visit!help. If you wish to request further accommodations, please contact Marlina Moses-Gaither at

Tips for submitting effective comments

  • All official comments must be submitted to by January 15, 2016.
  • Comments can be based on direct experience with the issues and anticipated consequences of the proposed rule.
  • Be concise but support your claims with sound reasoning and evidence.
  • There is no minimum or maximum length for an effective comment.
  • One well supported comment is often more influential than multiple form letters.

Find more tips on effective commenting (PDF) and Frequently Asked Questions from

Last Modified: 11/16/2015