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Business Acumen for Community Based Organizations

ACL Expands Program for Aging and Disability Community-based Networks to Strengthen Partnerships with the Health Care Sector in 11 Communities

Non-profits to learn critical business skills, create a learning collaborative

Building on a successful pilot project from May 2013 to December 2014, ACL is expanding its program to improve integration between hospitals, insurers, health care providers and the community-based organizations (CBOs) that often provide day-to-day support to older people and people with disabilities.

These CBOs know their communities well, and are familiar with the issues their clients face, which are often specific to their community. But these organizations often need support in developing their expertise in forming business relationships with healthcare providers.

Well-organized networks of aging and disability organizations are in a position to connect many of the services that they already provide into “service packages” that the healthcare entities—hospitals, health systems, accountable care organizations, and managed/integrated care plans—do not typically provide.

Those packages often include person-centered planning, care and transitions management, nursing facility transition and diversion, employment supports, mental health services, meals, transportation, benefits outreach and enrollment, as well as chronic disease self-management, falls prevention and other evidence-based programs. Community-based long-term services and supports such as these are critical to improving quality of health care while reducing costs.

The second phase of this innovative approach to building business capacity among CBOs will be rolled out in 11 varied communities across the country.

ACL has selected 11 networks for a learning collaborative where they would receive technical assistance in areas such as marketing, contracting, and pricing services.

Below are listed the lead organizations for the 11 networks that have been selected to participate:

  • County of San Diego, Health and Human Services Agency Aging & Independence Services (CA)
  • Alameda County Aging, Disability, and Resource Connection (CA)
  • Indiana Association of Area Agencies on Aging, Inc., and the Indiana Aging Alliance, LLC (IN)
  • Aging and Disability Resource Consortium of the Greater North Shore, Inc. (MA)
  • St. Louis Metropolitan Integrated Health Collaborative (MO)
  • Center on Aging and Community Living (NH)
  • INCOG Area Agency on Aging and Ability Resources, Inc. (OK)
  • The Arc Tennessee (TN)
  • Vermont Association of Area Agencies on Aging  (v4a) and the Vermont Community-Based Collaborative (VT)
  • Aging and Long Term Care of Eastern Washington (WA)
  • Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging (WI)

In addition to training, the 11 networks will share experiences, including lessons learned, innovative ideas, and best practices for providing integrated care in a variety of community settings. At the conclusion of the initiative, the collaborative will share its models and other tools with communities and local agencies facing similar challenges.

Profiles of each of the pilot sites, as well as tip sheets, recordings, and transcripts from webinars are posted on the ACL website on the Technical Assistance page. Case studies from the pilot project are in development and will be made broadly available as soon as possible.

This program also incorporates public-private partnership, with support for various learning opportunities for the new collaborative coming from The John A. Hartford Foundation ( and The SCAN Foundation (

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Last Modified: 6/29/2015