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Center for Policy and Evaluation (CPE)

Office of Policy Analysis and Development

Policy Analysis and Development leads policy development related to community living within ACL by analyzing trends in demographics, service needs, public policy and program development, and translating those trends into new policies, programs, and technical assistance related to long-term services and supports and health care for people with disabilities and older adults. As such, the Office leads and participates in departmental and inter-departmental activities that concern health and long-term care, reviews and comments on departmental regulations and policies regarding health programs, institutional and non-institutional long-term services and supports, and provides technical and policy development input on legislative and budget activities. The Office also conducts relevant policy research, conducts periodic reviews of needs and resources in the fields of aging and disability, and develops policy reports based on the needs and circumstances of older people, their family members and the aging population.  Additionally, the Office develops and coordinates initiatives with other federal agencies, national aging and disability organizations, universities, non-profit organizations and private corporations to fill gaps in information in the field of aging and disability, and to contribute to the agency’s policy and program development priorities.

Key policy areas for ACL include:

  • Accessible Home and Community-Based Services
  • Systems that Support Transitions and Integrated Models of Care
  • Comprehensive No-Wrong Door Systems for Accessing Long-Terms Services and Supports
  • Person-Centered Planning and Service Delivery
  • Integrated and Competitive Employment for People with Disabilities
  • Adequate Support for Family Caregivers
  • Adequate Supply of Housing to Support Community Living Options
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Systems
  • Consumer Rights and Protections
  • Behavioral Health
  • End of Life Care
  • Education Policy, including Early Childhood and Youth Transitions Issues

For more information about technical assistance activities and resources related to business acumen, care transitions and integrated models of care, please see the Business Acumen for Community Based Organizations page.

Last Modified: 7/14/2015