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National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR)

Web-Based Reporting System

Brief Description

A contractor-run, secure (e.g. https:// and required username and password) web-based reporting system is what NIDILRR and our grantees use to meet annual and final grant reporting requirements. From the grantee perspective, the reporting system is a multi-part survey containing NIDILRR-developed questions that grantees must answer. For more information on how grantees use the system, visit How NIDILRR Grantees Use The Web-Based Reporting System, below.

From NIDILRR’s perspective, the web-based reporting system is a data repository containing a lot of data which we use to fulfill various agency purposes. NIDILRR staff are able to extract relevant chunks of data (e.g. accomplishments for reports) by running various online reports available in the reporting capabilities section of our web-based reporting system. For more information on how NIDILRR uses the data in the web-based reporting system, visit How NIDILRR Staff Use The Web-Based Reporting System, below.

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How NIDILRR Grantees Use The Web-Based Reporting System

Every April the web-based reporting system opens for grantees. Grantees are expected to complete their annual report by July 1 every year. Each Annual Performance Reporting (APR) year covers the period July 1–May 31.

Only grantees with registered usernames and passwords, provided by the contractor, can access the web-based reporting system.

Once grantees gain access to the system, completing their online annual perforance report requires them to respond to a series of questions that ask them about the following:

  • Their inputs, i.e. staff, equipment, money;
  • Their activities, i.e. the research, development, training, and knowledge translation project activities they conduct;
  • Their outputs that result from the activities they perform, i.e. publications, tools, technology-related outputs, informational products like factsheets;
  • Any evidence of use and adoption of these outputs by various stakeholders
  • Additional information, including noteworthy accomplishments, they wish to highilight

Within 90 days of a grant end-date, grantees are required to complete the Final Performance Report module which is also part of our web-based reporting system. The final performance report module asks grantees summary questions intended to capture the big picture results that where produced during the grantee performance period, i.e, start date through the end-date.

Examples of summary questions include but are not limited to:

  • For each Research and Development project conducted over the entire course of this award, what are the key findings or discoveries that resulted from it? Please respond using a bulleted format. List the findings or discoveries under the title of each research or development project that generated them.
  • For all other types of projects (e.g., Knowledge Translation, Capacity Building, etc.), what are the key contributions of this award? Please respond using a bulleted format. List the key contributions under the title of each Knowledge Translation, Capacity-Building, Training or Other Project you conducted.
  • Looking over all of the projects you conducted and the outputs you produced over the course of the entire grant, what outcomes (changes in learning or knowledge or policy,practice, behavior, or systems capacity) can you say your work helped to bring about? Outcomes do not happen on their own. Therefore, it is important to show: (1) how the research, development, capacity-building, training, and knowledge translation projects you carried out relate to the outputs you produced and (2) how the documented use of these outputs by intended audiences resulted in the occurrence of the type of outcome you are claiming.

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How NIDILRR Staff Use The Web-Based Reporting System

NIDILRR staff use the data in the APR for a variety of purposes including but not limited to:

  • Making grant continuation funding decisions
  • Tracking progress made on grant activities
  • Tracking the production of outputs
  • Tracking how the produced outputs are being used and adopted by various stakeholders
  • Creating various NIDILRR reports such as the Annual Report to Congress and the briefer and more reader-friendly Annual Organizational Highlights Report

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Getting Help with the Web-Based Reporting System

Need help using the system?
Email or call Technical Support at (919) 541-7083, 8:30 am–5:00 pm ET.

Need help responding to the survey questions in the system?

Have a business operations or contract question about the web-based reporting system?

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Last Modified: 1/27/2017