Senior Nutrition Program Community Tools

We've created these resources to help you support and engage the older adults in your community -- and to help you show your community the great resources your program offers.

Program Activity Guides

These can be tailored for your unique needs, and all were created with COVID in mind.

Tip Sheets & Guides

Training and Partnerships

Share your work (and help us share it, too)

Remember to promote your program! Share information and successes from your activities via your website, social media, and/or newsletter. (Always ask for permission before quoting or photographing participants.)  The social media graphics below can help. Include the hashtag #SeniorNutritionProgram to make it easier for others in the network to find ideas they can incorporate into their programs, 

Tell us how your program is making a difference in your community, so we can share with the network -- your successful innovation may help a colleague in another community tackle a problem they're struggling with, and you may find some great ideas that will work for you. Please submit using this Activity Submission Form. (Please understand it may not be possible to share everything we receive.)

Grantee Activity Ideas & Highlights

Social Media

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SNP Graphic: More than Food

SNP Graphic: Join the Conversation

SNP Graphic: Vital Link to HCBS

SNP Graphic: NRCNA

SNP Graphic: Strong, Healthy Communities

SNP Graphic: Positive Impact

SNP Graphic: Program Benefits

National Senior Nutrition Program Graphic

SNP Social Graphic: mas que comidas

SNP Social Graphic: efecto positivo

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Last modified on 05/05/2021

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