Lifespan Respite Care Program: State Program Enhancement Grants

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Lifespan Respite Care Program: State Program Enhancement Grants
Primary CFDA Number
Funding Opportunity Number
Funding Instrument Type
Cooperative Agreement
Expected Number of Awards Synopsis
Length of Project Periods
60-month project period with five 12-month budget periods
Project Period Expected Duration in Months
Eligibility Category
State governments
Additional Information on Eligibility
By Statute, eligible applicants include State Units on Aging, State Medicaid Agencies, or another State agency designated by the governor to apply for funds. Eligible applicants must work in conjunction with the ADRC in the state and in concert with the statewide respite coalition or respite organization. This funding opportunity will be further limited to those states who have had at least one other Lifespan Respite Grant since program implementation began in 2009. Foreign entities are not eligible to compete for, or receive, awards made under this announcement.
Estimated Award Date
Funding Opportunity Description

Under this funding opportunity, grantees will be expected to focus on advancing their existing systems of respite care by proposing direct service activities that proactively expand the state's ability to provide respite and related supports to family caregivers across the lifespan. Grantees will be expected to build on advancements made under previous Lifespan Respite Care Program grants and focus on incrementally increasing the amount (percentage) of direct services they provide each year of their project. Grantees will be expected to focus on providing all of the required services (and the optional services as deemed appropriate by the state) as outlined in the Lifespan Respite Care Act, doing so in ways that will ensure increased capacity to meet the objectives of the Act by the end of each grant year. Grantees will be expected to use some portion of their grant funds to provide direct respite services, in accordance with the requirements of the Act. Grantees will also be expected to participate in all program-supported Technical Assistance activities and will l be expected to meet with the ACL program officer on a regular basis to review grant activities and progress towards measurable goals. Successful applicants will be expected to propose measurable performance goals and objectives that tie directly to their identified direct service expansion goals over the course of the 5-year project. Applicants will be expected to describe how they plan to count and record the experiences of people being served as well as the impact of their statewide respite care system on consumers, their families, and employers. Successful applicants will describe how data will be collected and presented and do so in concert with current efforts across existing respite programs/funding streams. In the FOA, applicants will be given examples of performance goals and measures and they will be expected to propose measures and approaches for how they will monitor and report on their progress towards achieving their proposed measurable performance goals. 

Award Ceiling
Award Floor
Due Date for Applications

Last modified on 04/25/2022

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