HCBS Quality Webinar 11/7: Outcome Measurement Tools

October 31, 2018

Register for the webinar on November 7.

The University of Minnesota’s Research and Training Center on HCBS Outcome Measurement (RTC/OM) and ACL are presenting a webinar on the development and use of a database designed to support users to better understand and use home- and community-based services (HCBS) outcome measurement tools.

The relational database, hosted on the University’s RTC/OM website (https://rtcom.umn.edu/) allows users to better understand the extent to which currently available instruments allow for measuring personal outcomes and system-level quality based on the National Quality Forum’s HCBS Outcome Measurement Framework. It provides users with a host of additional information related to measures including: psychometric qualities (when available), administration mode, person-centeredness, respondent, target disability population, current usage, and NQF domain and subdomain coverage. The webinar will provide users with background information about the development of the database and a demonstration of how its features (including a host of search capacities) can best be used to support improvements in the quality of HCBS measurement.

Please register for the webinar on November 7 at 2 pm ET.


View the archive for the previous webinars on the HCBS quality webpage.

Any questions? Please email: HCBS-Quality@acl.hhs.gov.

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