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September 25, 2018

The HCBS Business Acumen Center presents a webinar on Friday, September 28, at 12:30 pm ET.

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Trends change. Keeping an eye on changes in the business environment can help community-based organizations (CBOs) identify ways to expand their businesses, modify their practices, or meet new and enhanced outcomes for the people they serve.

In 2017, Community Options Enterprises, a subsidiary of Community Options, a national nonprofit organization, conducted an environmental scan that included a review of labor statistics and other corporate and business trends. Community Options, Inc.’s mission is to develop housing and employment supports for people with disabilities. In their Daily Plan It program, they create employment and networking opportunities for people with disabilities and equip professional, remote workers with the facilities and services they need. The program offers a full service office, conference, and copy center with flexible packages for business while giving people with disabilities job experience working in office settings.

They found that of the days they worked, 38% of people in management, business, financial and other professional occupations did some or all their work from home. The trend for more businesses and industries to use remote workers inspired Community Options Enterprises to develop a business model that meets the needs of changing corporate practices while fulfilling their organizational mission to develop and operate entrepreneurial businesses that successfully integrate people with disabilities into the workforce.

Dina Casalaspro, Managing Director of Community Options Enterprises, Inc. will describe the research that lead their organization to develop a creative and self-sustaining business model with a hybrid payer structure, where customer purchased services and office rentals support the cost of operations.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the components of an environmental scan;
  • Understand how to adapt current expertise to fill a need; and
  • Understand how to intersect business goals with client outcomes.


Learn more about the HCBS Business Acumen Center. This effort is led by NASUAD in partnership with national organizations and funded through a grant from the Administration for Community Living.

Learn more about ACL's Business Acumen Initiative to help states and community-based organizations build networks and respond to delivery system changes, including technical assistance, building business capacity for successful contracting with integrated care entities, and developing pathways to sustainability.

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