Request for Comment: Revisions to State Program Performance Report for State Units on Aging

April 5, 2018

ACL seeks public input on proposed revisions to the existing data collection materials for the State Program Performance Report for State Units On Aging (Older Americans Act Titles III and VII (Chapters 3 and 4). The currently approved materials are effective 2016 – 2019; significant revisions to the SPR were last implemented in 2005.

This proposed revisions include significant reductions in the data collected. Factors that influenced the proposed revision of the SPR include:

  • The need to modernize the data structure to allow for more efficient reporting and the ability to use current technology for reporting and analysis;
  • The interest in aligning data elements within and across data collections;
  • The need to consider alternative data elements that reflect the current Aging Network and long-term care services and supports; and
  • The need to reduce reporting burden while enhancing data quality. The proposed SPR revision reduces the number of data elements reported by 70%  and the amount of time for completion by 30% compared to the current 2016-2019 SPR.

Comments must be submitted by May 2, 2018. 

Written comments on the proposed data collection materials may be submitted by:

  • Email to:, Attn: OMB Desk Officer for ACL
  • Fax to 202.395.5806, Attn: OMB Desk Officer for ACL; or
  • Mail to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
    OMB, New Executive Office Bldg.
    725 17th St. NW
    Rm. 10235
    Washington, DC 20503
    Attn: OMB Desk Officer for ACL

For additional information, view the notice on ACL's website or contact ACL's Office of Performance and Evaluation at

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Last modified on 04/05/2018

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