Resources for Integrated Care Webinar: Innovations in Member Engagement in Rural Areas

November 13, 2018

Tuesday, November 27, 2018, 1:00-2:00 PM ET

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In 2013, 27% of individuals who received coverage through both Medicare and Medicaid lived in a rural area. Dually eligible beneficiaries living in rural areas often face distance and transportation barriers, a shortage of primary care providers, and limited access to specialty care. Health plans serving rural areas may require creative strategies to overcome barriers to member engagement.

This webinar will focus on how plans conduct initial outreach, build connections, and establish trust with rural dually eligible enrollees, as well as engagement strategies to assist them in managing their health. Speakers will share practical tips along with observed outcomes.

Featured Speakers

  • Jen Bundy, RN, MSN, Director of Care Management, PrimeWest Health
  • Elizabeth Warfield, RN, Manager of Special Needs Plan Care Management, PrimeWest Health
  • Jamie Hanes, Clinical Service Assistant Manager for Case Management, Upper Peninsula Health Plan
  • Teresa Cumpton, CMS Regional Rural Health Coordinator-Region 10, CMS

Registration and Details

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CMS is evaluating this activity for CE/CME credit. Final information on the credit will be available to participants in the Learning Management System after the event.

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