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Webinar 2/20: Understanding Opioids and Signs of Addiction

February 12, 2019

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Paralysis Resource Center (PRC) continues hosting a three-part webinar series focusing on pain medication education and resources. 

The next webinar on February 20 at 12 pm will focus on understanding opioids and recognizing the signs of addiction. The topics covered in the session include a brief summary of the first webinar, discussing the origin of opioids, how they work, and the causes and treatments of opioid use disorder. There will also be a brief overview of what the final webinar will feature on March 13, which includes opioid tapering options.

Hosting the session is Jay Gupta, RPh, MSc, MTM Specialist & C-IAYT. He is the Director of Pharmacy and Integrative Health at Harbor Homes in Nashua, NH, as well as an MTM consultant and Yoga Therapist. Jay also is the co-founder of RxRelax, LLC and YogaCaps, Inc.

All webinar sessions be archived on the Reeve Foundation’s Youtube channel for viewing. Registry for the webinars can be found on the Reeve Foundation’s events page.


ACL funds the Paralysis Resource Center to provide comprehensive information for people living with spinal cord injury, paralysis and mobility-related disabilities and their families. Resources include information and referral by phone and email in multiple languages including English and Spanish; a peer and family support mentoring program; a military and veterans program; multicultural outreach services; quality of life grants; and a national website.

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