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Webinar Thursday: National Self-Advocacy Fellowships

December 5, 2017

The Self Advocacy Resource and Technical Assistance Center (SARTAC) is accepting applications for their second round of national self-advocacy fellowships (click here). The fellowship will provide a year-long opportunity for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to develop and grow their skills as leaders.

Fellows will work with a supporting host organization, which receives $5,000 to pay the fellow during the fellowship period. Working on projects about six hours every week, fellows will produce a report or product that others can use after the conclusion of the project. Six fellows will be selected.

To learn more about the fellowship and how to apply, join an informational webinar on Thursday, December 7 at 1 pm Eastern. Click here to join the webinar online or call in at 855-282-6330.

The deadline for applying for the fellowship is 8 pm Eastern on December 31, 2017.

ACL funds SARTAC to empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for enhancing their voice on issues important to their well-being and daily life.

Want to know what this year's Self Advocacy Fellows are working on?

Check out the 2017-2018 Self Advocacy Fellows and Host Organizations (click here).

Do you have questions, need help or want to know more about how to apply?

Please contact Danielle Underwood at 816-235-5359 or email

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