After complaints from blind riders, Metro to offer travel help during shutdown

July 3, 2019

Washington Post (July 3)

After complaints from blind riders, Metro to offer travel help during shutdown

Metro will give riders with disabilities expedited access to MetroAccess, its door-to-door paratransit service, for the duration of the summer-long shutdown. The transit agency also will explore ways to offer blind riders free or subsidized access to smartphone-based technology that allows sighted individuals to serve as remote navigators.

The decisions, made at a meeting of the agency’s Accessibility Advisory Committee on Monday night, are meant to help blind riders navigate the 15-week closure of six stations along the Blue and Yellow lines in Northern Virginia for a platform reconstruction project.

The committee decided to take action after complaints reported by The Washington Post that blind riders are struggling to adjust to disrupted commutes and the daily uncertainty created by the shuttle buses meant to replace train service between the closed stations.

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