Alexa Raises Questions About How AI Can “Cure” Loneliness.

November 8, 2019

USA Today (11/8, Baig) reports, “Alexa’s artificial intelligence-infused heart may be in the right place, but there’s only so far it or any AI can go to comfort someone who is alone.” But the voice assistant’s “response raises questions about just what kind of role...AI can play to ‘cure’ loneliness, especially among the elderly.” University of Southern California computer science professor Maja Matarić “is adamant about not conflating ‘social’ robots, which she describes as ‘focused on entertaining rather than having a more measurable purpose,’ with socially assistive companion robots whose role is to assist and have a measurable outcome,” such as helping children with autism make more eye contact or helping elderly people be able to walk more steps.

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Last modified on 11/08/2019

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