Boston’s Older LGBT Community Anxious About Aging.

June 9, 2018

The Boston Globe (6/9, Weisman) reported “gay and lesbian baby boomers have seen extraordinary gains in social acceptance during their adult lives,” but many confront “long-buried fears of isolation and discrimination” as they age, with “many [lacking] the support of extended families that straight people often can count on,” although some have replaced family networks with peer facsimiles. The article also identified “harassment of older gays and lesbians” as a national problem, with many aging LGBT individuals anxious about “winding up among homophobic residents in a nursing home, or being forced to let disapproving elder care providers into their homes.” The “generational divide” in openness about LGBT identity may be due to “lingering jitters among older gays and lesbians, who came of age in a less tolerant time and remain reluctant to publicly label themselves,” the piece said, and while Massachusetts designates older LGBT individuals as “a population of greatest social need” eligible for “targeted social services...those services are most accessible in urban areas, and many gays and lesbians are forced to move to more affordable areas outside the cities when they retire.”

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Last modified on 06/11/2018

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