Caregivers’ Health Suffers From Emotional, Physical, Financial Stress Of Job.

September 25, 2020

The Washington Post (9/25, Ellison) reported “a review of 151 studies of caregivers’ health found changes in biological markers of stress, including higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol and C-reactive protein, a marker of harmful chronic inflammation.” Additionally, caregivers “showed impaired immune function and worsened cognitive performance, and spouses caring for partners with dementia showed heightened risk of heart disease.” In fact, “caregiving can shorten life spans.” Data show that “in a group of 392 men and women ages 66 to 96 who were caring for their elderly spouses, carers were 63 percent more likely to die over the next four years than a similar group not providing such care.” Beyond these concerns, “money worries often add to the burden, especially for women, who make up 60 percent of family caregivers, usually during the peak of their earning power.”

Last modified on 09/29/2020

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