CDC Report Shows More Than 80% Of 24M Americans With Long COVID Are Still Disabled By Symptoms.

October 6, 2022

Axios (10/6, Moreno) reports, “Of the nearly 24 million adults in the U.S. who currently have long COVID, more than 80% are having some trouble carrying out daily activities, according to CDC data released Wednesday.” Although “the pandemic sharpened the focus on the once largely dismissed area of chronic fatigue in health care...misunderstandings and stigma persist.” And “while long COVID is classified as a disability, qualifying for Social Security benefits requires proof that the condition has or will last a year, even though there’s no test to diagnose long COVID, per CDC.” In a previous CDC study “which found that one in five adults developed chronic conditions possibly stemming from having coronavirus, researchers concluded that prevention strategies will be critical to reducing the magnitude of post-COVID.”

Last modified on 10/12/2022

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