Contributor: US Should Move Healthcare Out Of Hospitals And Into Homes.

September 6, 2019

Forbes (9/6) contributor William A. Haseltine wrote, “The fact is that the United States is rapidly aging and our healthcare system isn’t keeping up.” Haseltine advocated for moving healthcare “outside of hospitals and into homes,” which he said would have “potential cost savings in the billions.” However, Haseltine continued, “To make the move, we will be required to build up our home care workforce.” He recommended creating “standard education programs that result in federally mandated and regulated certificates and licenses” as well as finding “ways to substantially increase the pay for home care and long term caregivers.” Haseltine concluded, “Moving healthcare into the home isn’t just good for those in need of long term care. It’s good for government. It’s good business. It’s good the American worker. And it’s good for other countries as well.”

Last modified on 06/22/2020

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