COVID-19 Pandemic Making It Almost Impossible For People With Disabilities To Vote.

September 25, 2020

The New York Times (9/25, Astor) reported that some “38 million eligible voters have disabilities. It has always been hard for them to vote, and this year has brought even more obstacles.” The article discussed one woman’s voting experience during Maryland’s primary, and said it “is a product of an electoral system in which, even before the pandemic, it was often hard for people with disabilities to participate. With the virus in the equation, it can be next to impossible.” The piece added, “The number of Americans at risk of disenfranchisement is huge: According to new projections from researchers at Rutgers University, more than 38 million eligible voters have disabilities,” a figure which accounts for “more than 16 percent of the electorate.”

Last modified on 10/02/2020

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