Direct Support Professionals Reportedly Become Essential Workers Risking Lives During Pandemic.

November 18, 2020

The Washington Post (11/18, Contrera) reports on the pandemic’s effects on a home for disabled women. In terms of direct support professionals, “the pandemic had transformed these poorly paid caregivers into essential workers who risked their lives to protect the disabled from a virus that could easily kill them.” However, “while state and federal funding has poured into hospitals and nursing homes, those who care for the disabled have been repeatedly snubbed,” and “no one is keeping track of how many direct support professionals across the country have become infected or how many have died.” The Post mentions the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced during the pandemic “that surfaces were actually less of a threat than initially believed. But still people would keep wiping, desperate for a sense of control.”

Last modified on 11/20/2020

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