During Summit, Biden Administration Outlines Plan To End Hunger In US by 2030, Improve Nutrition.

September 28, 2022

The New York Times (9/28, Rappeport) reports on Wednesday, President Biden vowed “to end hunger in the United States by the end of the decade, unveiling an expansive government effort during the first White House conference on health and nutrition in 50 years.” This “meeting of hundreds of policymakers, health activists, farmers and business leaders came at a time of steep inflation in the United States. Lines at food banks are swelling. Food prices are rising at their fastest rate in four decades.” Biden’s “plan hinges on $8 billion in commitments from the private sector to help fight hunger, including $4 billion that will be dedicated by philanthropies that are focused on expanding access to healthy food. The investments will come from some of the largest corporations in America, including Google, Tyson Foods and Walgreens.”

        The Washington Post (9/28, Viser) reports Biden said on Wednesday morning, “This goal is within our reach – just look at how far we’ve come on child poverty.” He “suggested that the government, along with the corporate world, could play a bigger role in making nutritious food available in places where the supply is inadequate.” About “500 people, as well as 1,000 others virtually, attended various panels and brainstorming sessions during the day-long conference.” The summit’s objectives “are to make healthful food more affordable and accessible and to invest in expanding physical activity options and enhancing research on food and nutrition.”

Last modified on 09/30/2022

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