Experts Predict Pandemic Will Bring Lasting Changes To Older Americans’ Lives.

August 1, 2020

USA Today/Kaiser (8/1, Horovitz) Health News reported, “Experts say that in the aftermath of the pandemic, everything will change, from the way older folks receive health care to how they travel and shop,” as well as “their work life and relationships with one another.” Predictions for the post-COVID-19 vaccine future include increased use of telemedicine, with teams of doctors instead of a single provider; home devices to analyze urine and fecal samples, allowing older Americans to avoid doctor’s office visits; more people choosing to live with their families instead of in assisted living facilities; “home delivery of almost everything...for older Americans”; older Americans seeking to only work from home, and an increase in depression “among older people who isolate from family get-togethers and large gatherings.”

Last modified on 08/06/2020

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