FDA Approves First Blood Test That Can Diagnose Traumatic Brian Injuries

February 14, 2018

The New York Times (2/14, Kaplan, Belson, Subscription Publication, 12.8M) reports that on Feb. 14, the Food and Drug Administration “approved a long-awaited blood test to detect concussions in people and more quickly identify those with possible brain injuries.”

HealthDay (2/14, Preidt, 6K) reports FDA officials praised the test as a way to diagnose brain injuries, cut costs, and reduce patients’ exposure to radiation. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said the test “supports the FDA’s Initiative to Reduce Unnecessary Radiation Exposure from Medical Imaging,” because it “will likely reduce the CT scans performed on patients with concussion each year, potentially saving our health care system the cost of often unnecessary neuroimaging tests.” Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, the director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, said, “A blood test to aid in concussion evaluation is an important tool for the American public and for our Service Members abroad who need access to quick and accurate tests.” Also covering the story are the Los Angeles Times (2/14, Healy, 4.59M) “Science Now” blog and the NBC News (2/15, Fox, 3.78M) website.

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Last modified on 02/15/2018

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