Florida Grants Extension On Nursing Home Generator Requirement.

June 8, 2018

The Palm Beach (FL) Post (6/8) reported the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration granted an extension to the state’s nursing home and assisted living facility generator rule to January 2019, and so far “526 of the 684 nursing homes in the state – or 77 percent” – have participated in the extension, meaning “all but one nursing home was in compliance with the new state rule” by the deadline of June 1 although “only 157 of them actually had ‘implemented’ a plan to have the emergency power.” The AHCA said a “‘majority’ of ALFs were found in compliance by either having installed a power source or being granted an extension,” but “48 percent of them were not.” Emmett Reed, executive director of Florida Health Care Association, said the data reflect that FHCA “members have been working tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents through diligent compliance with new state laws.”

        The South Florida Sun Sentinel (6/8, Heroux) reported, “June 1 was the deadline for nursing homes and assisted living facilities to comply with the law mandating they have ‘alternative power sources,’” but by that date, “only 346 nursing homes and assisted living facilities out of a total 1,444 in South Florida, or 24 percent, had implemented backup power plans.” The piece added that FHCA president John Simmons wrote in a letter to the Sun Sentinel that “judging the situation on early data was ‘ignoring the reality that deadlines are often met late in a process.’”

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