Forum Addresses Negative Stereotypes of Aging

November 2, 2017

Kaiser Health News (11/2, Graham) reports on a recent meeting of the National Academies of Sciences’ Forum on Aging, Disability and Independence which focused on negative stereotypes that “portray older adults as out-of-touch, useless, feeble, incompetent, pitiful and irrelevant,” and experts’ advice on what can be done to counteract those stereotypes. The article provides strategies for challenging biases and embracing more positive images. Kathy Greenlee, former assistant secretary for aging in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, spoke at the forum and said, “We need more older people talking publicly about themselves and their lives” and added, “Everybody is battling aging by themselves, reinforcing the notion that how someone ages is that individual’s responsibility.” Kaiser Health News points out, “Underscoring Greenlee’s point, the forum didn’t feature any older adult speakers discussing their experiences with aging and disability.”

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Last modified on 11/03/2017

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