HHS Will Oversee New Research On Long COVID.

August 3, 2022

Bloomberg Law (8/3, Baumann, Subscription Publication) reports “HHS is creating a new long Covid office as part of a White House plan to better understand why some patients continue to face symptoms.” HHS’ assistant secretary for health will oversee “The Office of Long COVID Research and Practice” and “continue to serve as long Covid coordinator” while supervising “the newly released research plan.”

        NBC News (8/3, Edwards) reports advocacy groups and doctors are offering criticisms of “two highly anticipated federal reports on long Covid released Wednesday.” The groups “say...the reports...are woefully inadequate in addressing the very questions patients and their physicians have,” such as “whether money and resources are available” to determine a cause plus effective treatments. The article says one of the reports from HHS “details the various ongoing federal research projects on long Covid” while the other “calls for an office of long Covid research.”

        TIME (8/3, Ducharme) reports a statement from HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Rachel Levine “stresses that the reports are only the beginning of the administration’s Long COVID efforts.” The statement reads, “These initial reports are an important step as HHS continues to accelerate research and programmatic support to address the consequences of the pandemic and work across sectors to ensure no one is left behind as we continue to build a healthier future.” The article also mentions that the National Institutes of Health has received “more than $1 billion to study Long COVID,” but the agency “has so far enrolled only about 7,000 of its desired 40,000 participants.”

        ABC News (8/4, Haslett) and also reports.

Last modified on 08/04/2022

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