The high price of being an unpaid caregiver

November 29, 2018

Washington Post (November 29)— mentioned

The high price of being an unpaid caregiver

We talk about the joys of caregiving, but it can take an emotional and financial toll on even the most loving person. In September, I fell and fractured my right foot in two places. I'm mobile now, but for a few weeks I couldn't do much for myself. It was torture lying there waiting for help. It was a preview of what it might be like should I need long term-care assistance when I can no longer do basic activities such as eating, dressing and bathing. This is the second of a two-part series on caregiving. I first looked at why your loved one may not be so receptive to your caregiving. In this installment, I'd like to address the issues caregivers face.

AARP conducted a study among family caregivers to determine their expenses. The report estimated that family caregivers spent an average of about $7,000 per year on out-of-pocket costs related to caregiving in 2016. Some caregivers spent much more -- often at the expense of their own financial well being.

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