Insurers, Officials Experimenting With Providing Non-Medical Services To Curb Healthcare Costs.

December 3, 2018

Congressional Quarterly (12/3, Williams, Subscription Publication) reports on insurers who are “taking steps as simple as paying for hot meal deliveries and outreach to homebound people and replacing air filters in homes with asthmatic children” as measures to contain rising healthcare costs. CQ explains, “State and local experiments targeting factors like housing, transportation, food and other nonmedical services are flourishing as ways to improve people’s health while cutting costs.” HHS Secretary Azar “recently hinted that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation will explore pilot projects to address social needs,” saying, “What if we gave organizations more flexibility so they could pay a beneficiary’s rent if they were in unstable housing, or make sure that a diabetic had access to, and could afford, nutritious food?”

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Last modified on 12/03/2018

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