LATimes: Aging Population Creating New Problems For California.

October 7, 2018

In a 3,500-word story, the Los Angeles Times (10/7, Mason) reported that California “must adapt” to the “inescapable fact that the Golden State is getting old,” saying that “the next governor will be confronted with a demographic shift of epic proportions” due to the fast-growing over-65 population. This shift “has been largely absent” from political discussion, the Times said, even though it “will seep into nearly every nook of the state budget and policy planning,” straining the long-term services and supports industry as well as stoking “higher healthcare costs,” new types of poverty, pension pressure on the state budget, and a need to “[revamp] the transportation system.” The Times added that the current system of resources for older adults “can be confusing” and highlights that advocates struggle “to shake off the sense that caring for the elderly is a family matter, not one of statewide concern.”

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Last modified on 10/10/2018

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