Lawmakers Realizing There Are Many Social Determinants Of Health.

January 25, 2019

Paige Winfield Cunningham wrote in the Washington Post (1/25) “The Health 202” blog that several “factors – such as friends, housing and transportation – affect a person’s health and how much they need the social safety net. It’s time the government’s big health insurance programs took this reality into account, some lawmakers and policymakers are starting to argue.” Cunningham said GOP lawmakers on the Joint Economic Committee are expected to unveil an analysis which found that “Americans have fewer people around to help provide care as they age compared with two decades ago. It says Medicare and Medicaid spending projections may be too low because they fail to take into account the declining social networks of aging baby boomers.” Cunningham pointed out that CMS Administrator Seema Verma said last month, “We cannot pay for housing, but we do understand there are social determinants of health.”

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Last modified on 01/30/2019

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