Many Older Adults Are Unaware Of Benefits To Help Them Fight Inflation.

September 12, 2022

Kaiser Health News (9/12, Graham) reports millions of older adults “are having trouble making ends meet, especially during these inflationary times.” Yet many “don’t realize help is available, and some notable programs that offer financial assistance are underused.” The piece says that “more than 3 million adults 65 or older are eligible but not enrolled in Medicare Savings Programs, which pay for Medicare premiums and cost sharing. And 30% to 45% of seniors may be missing out on help from the Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy program, which covers plan premiums and cost sharing and lowers the cost of prescription drugs.” The piece adds, “Older adults with low incomes also can get assistance with high energy bills through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.”

Last modified on 09/30/2022

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