Massachusetts Senate Passes Bill To Create Registry Of Care Providers Accused Of Abusing People With Disabilities.

October 17, 2019

The Springfield (MA) Republican (10/17, Schoenberg) reports the Massachusetts Senate on Thursday “unanimously passed a bill...that would create a registry of care providers who have had an allegation of abuse of a person with an intellectual or developmental disability substantiated against them.” According to the article, “the registry would be confidential, shared only with potential employers, who would be required to check the registry before hiring someone. DDS or any state-licensed care provider could not hire anyone on the registry.” The legislation also “would establish an appeals process for a worker who is put on the registry, and a person could petition to have their name removed from the registry after five years.” If enacted, the bill “would take effect Nov. 2, 2020.”

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Last modified on 10/18/2019

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