Medicare Beneficiaries Who Reach “Donut Hole” Struggle To Pay For Drugs.

November 28, 2019

The Boston Herald (11/28, Cohan) reported, “Medicare drug plans with a coverage gap, called the donut hole, begin when a patient has spent $3,820 on covered drugs.” When they reach “the gap, patients pay 25% of the plan’s cost for covered brand-name prescription drugs and 37% for generics.” The article said that according to Leigh Purvis, director of Health Services Research in AARP’s Public Policy Institute, “the coverage gap has been slowly closing, but people are hitting the gap sooner and sooner because of sky-high drug prices.” Purvis was quoted as saying, “We are aware that a lot of people are struggling to pay for their prescription drug costs and they are doing things like not taking their prescription drugs the way they’re supposed to.”

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Last modified on 12/02/2019

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