More Than Half Of New York’s Residential Treatment Facilities Have Shuttered In Past Decade, Causing Shortage Of Beds For Children With Mental Illnesses.

June 8, 2022

ProPublica (6/8, Kramer) reports, “Since the early 1980s, New York’s residential treatment facilities have served as an option of last resort for very sick children and adolescents, after outpatient and community-based services have failed.” Similar to “psychiatric hospitals, they provide round-the-clock medical and mental health care, but they are designed for much longer stays.” However, in the past decade, “more than half of New York’s residential treatment facility beds for kids have shut down, with the total bed count plummeting from 554 in 2012 to just 274 this year. Sick kids often wait months to get into the remaining beds.” The article says, “State officials, who license and regulate residential treatment facilities, have done little to fix the problems, an investigation by ProPublica and THE CITY found.”

Last modified on 06/09/2022

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