Nearly Half Of Americans Aged 50 To 64 Concerned They Will Not Be Able To Afford Healthcare Upon Retirement, Survey Finds.

February 10, 2020

Reuters (2/10, Carroll) reports, “Nearly half of Americans aged 50 to 64 worry they won’t be able to afford healthcare when they retire, while more than two-thirds are concerned that federal policy changes will affect their current health insurance, a new survey finds.” The survey, published online in JAMA Network Open, found that “survey participants who worried about the cost of health insurance now or during retirement were nearly three times more likely to avoid medical care or filling a prescription than those with more confidence in their ability to pay for healthcare.”

        Contributor Ted Knutson writes in Forbes (2/10) that the survey finds that “the health care affordability worries of those 50 to 64 are compounded because they commonly develop chronic health conditions and face increasing out-of-pocket health care aren’t old enough for Medicare.”

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Last modified on 02/12/2020

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