New Jersey Regulation Governing Expanded Medicaid Eligibility For Aged, Blind, And Disabled People Invalidated By State’s Top Court.

November 19, 2021

Bloomberg Law (11/19, Pazanowski, Subscription Publication) reported, “A New Jersey regulation governing expanded Medicaid eligibility for aged, blind, and disabled people is invalid because it doesn’t follow the law’s requirement to adjust for family size when determining their income eligibility, the state’s top court said.” The New Jersey Supreme Court said, “New Jersey’s Medicaid agency improperly denied benefits to two people arguably eligible under the expansion because their monthly incomes exceeded the state’s $1,005 cap for individuals.” The court also said, “under the regulation, any person whose income is more than the 100% of the federal poverty level for an individual is ineligible for benefits.”

Last modified on 11/23/2021

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