Opinion: Retrofitting Seniors’ Homes Will Allow Them To Stay Home Longer.

January 10, 2020

Optometrist and public health professional Mike Radoiu wrote in an opinion piece for the Staunton (VA) News Leader (1/10) about the Aging in Place movement, which “champions the ability for seniors to stay at home by” using “a variety of human and physical interventions.” Radoiu argued, “The idea of retrofitting homes can help to mitigate in house accidents by installing better lighting, streamlining floor designs, the inclusion of grab bars and addition of accessible stair climbers.” Radoiu then highlighted the “Community Aging in Place Advancing Better Living of Elders” program, and concluded that amid “an era of spiraling healthcare costs in a rapidly aging nation, this program gives U.S. yet one more common sense and cost-effective approach to elder care.”

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Last modified on 01/14/2020

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