People With Disabilities Protest Physician Discrimination Amid Pandemic.

July 14, 2020

USA Today (7/14, Cox) reports “disability rights advocates in Austin, Texas, protested the care and treatment of 46-year-old Michael Hickson, a quadriplegic Black man who died of COVID-19.” Physicians “determined Hickson could not be saved after his organs began to fail, but advocates argued that his life was devalued due to racism and ableism.” As such, “the Texas Americans with Disabilities Action Planning Team (ADAPT) called for an investigation into Hickson’s death.” Elsewhere, “families protested in Rockland County, New York, against state restrictions limiting visitations to their developmentally-disabled relatives in group homes out of coronavirus fears, a local CBS affiliate reported.” The article highlights several other recent examples of patients with disabilities claiming they have been discriminated against during the pandemic.

Last modified on 07/17/2020

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