Social Isolation An Issue For Older Adults During Lockdown.

September 27, 2020

The New York Times (9/27, Purtill) reports, “For many older people around the world, the pandemic has cast a shadow over their lives,” as “a population that already grappled disproportionately with loneliness” has, to protect themselves, “had to retreat even further into isolation, which can lead to depression and worse health outcomes.” AARP said that a survey of US adults 50 and older found that “69 percent of respondents said they were self-isolating or quarantined as a result of the virus,” but “the older the respondent, the less likely they were to report feeling isolated, depressed or left out.” Possible reasons for this include adults ages 50 to 64 being “more likely to still be working while also caring for both dependent children and aging parents” – with the associated stress, as well as the “resilience that helps a person live a longer life” aiding in resisting loneliness and its negative health effects.

Last modified on 09/29/2020

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