TBI May Be Associated With An Increased Risk Of Dementia, Researchers Say.

April 10, 2018

In “Well,” the New York Times (4/10, Bakalar, Subscription Publication, 15.96M) reports that “traumatic brain injury [TBI] is associated with an increased risk of dementia,” research indicated, with the “risk of dementia...highest among people who had suffered multiple T.B.I.s.” Even just “a single mild T.B.I. was tied to an increased risk of dementia,” the study also found. The findings of the 2,794,852-person study were published online April 10 in The Lancet Psychiatry.

        The AP (4/10, Johnson) reports that “a single severe brain injury increased the risk of later dementia by 35 percent compared with a person who never had brain trauma,” while “a mild brain injury increased the risk by 17 percent.” The overall “risk of dementia was 24 percent higher for people with a traumatic brain injury compared with people without one.”

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Last modified on 04/13/2018

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