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As US Returns To Pre-Pandemic Normalcy, People Who Are Disabled, Immunocompromised Remain Forgotten.

July 14, 2022

NPR (7/14, Rajkumar) reports “nearly the entire country has lifted COVID-19 safety precautions such as mask mandates on buses and airplanes and in restaurants and other indoor settings.” However, “the reality of disabled and immunocompromised people remains forgotten, causing them to feel left behind and further pushed out of society, disability advocates say.” According to a survey of likely voters conducted in April by Data For Progress, “fifty-seven percent of disabled people believe that masks should be required on public transportation and 64% think masks should be required on planes.” But, “mask mandates have been lifted on various forms of transportation and in other parts of society amid court rulings and declining cases reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Last modified on 07/15/2022

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