USA Today Columnist Warns Of Dangers Of Isolation Amid Pandemic.

October 20, 2020

Stacy Torres writes in her column at USA Today (10/20) that “data suggests that isolation has contributed to 13,200 excess dementia deaths since the pandemic’s start” as “nursing homes have curtailed family visits and social activities, such as group classes and shared meals, that help stimulate the mind and blunt dementia’s ravages.” Torres adds, “Preventable deaths and suffering from isolation will rise if we don’t safeguard the public spaces that inoculate elders against the toll of loneliness.” Torres also writes, “Bars, restaurants and parks are the few places we have for intergenerational contact.” Torres says, “Without aggressive action to ensure that we can age safely and comfortably in the community, we risk forever losing the neighborhood spaces that thread our increasingly frayed social fabric.”

Last modified on 10/21/2020

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