Older Americans Month 2015 Posters


The following poster series celebrating Older Americans Month may be reproduced and used electronically and in hard copy. Select one or use them all. The posters are 18 x 24 inches, but can be printed at a smaller size, such as 8.5 x 11, by setting page scaling when printing in your PDF program. These high-resolution files are also suitable for professional production and include adequate borders for printing with ink bleeds.

Click on any image below to access the corresponding poster PDF.

OAM 2015 Poster 1
(PDF, 3.68MB)

OAM 2015 Poster 2
(PDF, 2.76MB)

OAM 2015 Poster 2
(PDF, 3.16MB)

OAM 2015 Poster 2
(PDF, 3.66MB)

OAM 2015 Poster 2
(PDF, 3.46MB)








2015 Materials

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