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Activity Ideas

Bring your community together to connect, create, and contribute.

Offering an activity or event is a fun and effective way to celebrate Older Americans Month (OAM). There are countless approaches to planning activities like this. Below are a few ideas to get you started.


  • Arrange a sit-down meal to celebrate OAM and consider recognizing community members for their accomplishments. Ask local leaders to attend and/or speak.
  • Plan a game night or crafting activity that brings people together in the name of fun. Invite guests for their feedback and think about turning it into a regular event.
  • Encourage older adults and other storytellers to share their experiences, perhaps around a certain theme. Invite local media to help connect with a broader audience.
  • Plan a virtual date night with family or friends. Pick or create an occasion to call or video chat with others and celebrate.


  • Offer a class on computers and social media to help people become comfortable connecting online.
  • Plan a resource fair or set up a kiosk at community events to inform older adults about services and supports available to them.
  • Inspire older adults to express themselves through art, dance, exercise, or other personal enrichment activities.
  • Host a workshop for seniors on key issues like starting a new career, personal finance, nutrition, or safety. Consider engaging an older adult to lead the workshop.
  • Create a virtual village to bring older adults in your community together through an online forum. Virtual events can cover topics related to shared interests of your group.


  • Coordinate one or a series of community betterment activities (e.g., cleanups, gardening, donation drives).
  • Host a fundraising event, like a community walk or bake off, to benefit local programs or community centers that serve older adults.
  • Promote the work of volunteers and organizations (e.g., meal programs) that support older adults. Recognize their contributions at a public event or in the media.
  • Develop an online forum where older adults and other community members can contribute their ideas and/or time in service of others.
  • Use social media to connect older adults with resources and each other. Consider hosting a photo, caption, or story contest to encourage interaction.

Last modified on 02/22/2021

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