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OAM Materials

Posters (English and Spanish)

OAM Poster with purple background and photos of older adults participating in various connections - embracing, with grandkids, with pets, with friends. It reads, Powered by Connection and includes the OAM logo, URL, and hashtag

The following materials may be reproduced freely, electronically and in print.

8.5" x 11" Flyer for Digital

18" x 24" Poster for Print

8.5" x 11" Flyer for Digital (Spanish)

18" x 24" Poster for Print (Spanish)



Virtual Backgrounds

Blue Older Americans Month virtual backgroundGreen Older Americans Month virtual backgroundPurple Older Americans Month virtual background


Download the 2024 logo in various formats for use online and in print. You may use the following files, intact, to promote Older Americans Month. All other rights, including the creation of derivative works, are reserved by the Administration for Community Living.

Descargue el logo de 2024 en varios formatos para utilizarlo en línea o impreso.Puede usar los siguientes materiales, sin modificarlos, para promover el Mes de los Estadounidenses de Edad Avanzada. Todos los demás derechos, incluyendo la creación de materiales derivados, son reservados de ACL.

Last modified on 03/20/2024

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