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Building national capacity to support community living

Many people with disabilities and older adults cannot get the services they need to live in the community because there are not enough direct care professionals. The Direct Care Workforce Strategies Center provides resources, technical assistance, and training to state systems, providers, and stakeholders to improve workforce recruitment, training, and retention.


April Webinar Materials

Check out the event recording and slides for "Addressing the Shortage: The Current State of the Direct Care Workforce," a technical assistance webinar held in April 2024.

DCW Spotlight

On April 11, during Care Workers Recognition Month and its Month of Action on Care, the White House hosted a care convening with advocates from around the country.

New from HHS and DOL

Recommendations for building data infrastructure to support efforts to strengthen the direct care workforce and improve the quality of and access to home and community-based services.

Last modified on 05/23/2024

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